MIndependence Week - 60% off on all bundles
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Ended on 7 July 2021

The US is about to celebrate Independence Day. But MeldaProduction celebrates already - the whole MIndependence Week. Because what makes you more (M)independent than having a lot of (Melda) plugins? 

Our bundles let you save a lot of money even at 100% of their price. But this week you can save even more. We decided to reduce all our bundles' prices by 60% just until the 5th July. Save the most on MCompleteBundle including 114 plugins but even the specialized packs' price reductions are remarkable. However, you may start with unlocking the MFreeFXBundle features at a bargain price. 

(And remember, if you already have any plugins included in selected bundles, your price gets even better.)

MCompleteBundle background
15 days left


114 plugins included

The ultimate bundle of every plugin MeldaProduction has released and will ever release!


110 plugins included

The ultimate bundle of every effect MeldaProduction has released and will release!


35 plugins included

The most powerful set of creative effects in the world. A must-have for every creative producer.


23 plugins included

The ultimate set of mastering processors. A must-have for every mastering engineer.


33 plugins included

A complete pack of mixing processors. A must-have for every mixing engineer.


10 plugins included

We picked the most important stuff every music producer needs. Powerful and affordable.


37 plugins included

The biggest and most powerful bundle of FREE effects available.