MDrummer packs download

MDrummer packs are usable by MDrummer 12 and newer. If you are using an older MDrummer version, please check the download archive.

MDrummer comes with a huge library of samples, multisamples, rhythms, drumsets, loops and other resources. These are distributed via the MDrummer packs below. Please download them manually and put them in some public folder on your computer. MDrummer will let you install them when opened for the first time. If you already have MDrummer factory data installed and want to install an additional pack, just download it and select Menu / Install pack in MDrummer. If you are upgrading from a version prior to V12, please follow the instructions in the release notes.

Essentials (required) — 1.1 GB

Essentials pack is mandatory for MDrummer to work. It contains all the main resources - drumsets, rhythms, loops, samples... There are no studio acoustic drum and percussion libraries, but it contains a solid electronic drum library.

Studio2008 — 3.71 GB

Studio2008 is the first acoustic drum pack we have recorded in 2008. It has been newly remastered in 2018. It contains mostly acoustic drums, plus a few bells, shakers... This multisample based pack is great at cutting through the mix and is usable for variety of genres. All drums have been sampled using drumsticks, brushes, floppy, mallets and bare hands.

Studio2009 — 1.58 GB

Studio2009 was recorded in 2009 using multiple microphones and contains both acoustic drums and percussion. It's more ambient than Studio2008, which makes it especially useful various acoustic music genres. But it features drumsets for various styles from jazz to metal. It has been sampled using sticks and brushes.

Studio2018 — Coming soon!

Studio2018 is a huge new collection of acoustic drums and percussion recorded using many microphones. We have sampled many high end drum sets such as Yamaha Maple Custom, Pearl Masters Custom, Mapex Black Widow, vintage Slingerland and more. We also recorded about 20 snare drums, 7 ride cymbals, 5 hihats, 15 crash/splash/chinese cymbals and much more. Then there's just about any percussion we could lay our hands on. Everything has been meticulously postprocessed and turned into multisamples, components and drumsets for ease of use. The download will be rather bigger though, despite our new advanced compression algorithms. Expected release is october/november 2018.