Guitarists and Bassists Beware

Together, we can create a vast playground of raw and processed guitar sounds, opening up endless possibilities for music production, sound design, and experimentation.
Guitarists and Bassists Beware

We don't want it for free ;)

And here's the best part: for every instrument recording (set of four audio files) you contribute to our project, you'll earn €30 EUR in credits, which can be used to purchase any of our cutting-edge software. And it will take just a few minutes of your time. So why wait? Join us now and let your guitar shine as we embark on this incredible sonic journey.

How to enter?

We are only interested in the best settings you like the most on each guitar. How to do that? First, set your guitar/bass to your favourite settings (well, if you have any knobs/switches on it at all) and connect it directly to your computer so that you can record a raw dry sound. Set the gains properly; good audio quality is essential. Tune your guitar to the tuning you are using on it.

Recording 1

Record any scale going from the lowest notes to the highest at the beginning of the fretboard. Play forte, leave each note for say, 2 seconds, then mute it. No vibrato.

After the scale, strum through all strings open and let it decay for several seconds.

Then, without stopping, do the same thing an octave higher on the 12th fret - a scale and a strum (both on the 12th fret).

Recording 2

Record a short performance of what you are used to play, up to 30 seconds. Nothing fancy. If you like solos, play a solo. If you like rhythm guitar, play some rhythm. Or both.

Recordings 3 and 4

Record 1, 2 again, but this time processed with your favourite settings - just amp and cabinet, no reverbs, delays, flangers etc.

If you use a software simulation, just process what you already recorded. If you use hardware, record it again using the hardware. Please use your favourite settings.

The event ends in:

Please pay attention to this video. We've already had to decline many submissions because the recorded structure of the files was not suitable for our machine analysis. We don't want to disappoint you. 

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