18.10.2014 MDrummer has been updated to 5.02MDrummer has been updated to 5.02 bringing several improvements (user interface, MAmp plugin, song tab features...), optimizations and fixes. It is highly recommended to install this update.
If you have version 5.0x installed, you can download an updater from our download page. If you have an older version or require AAX support, you need to get the newest installer from the download page.

17.10.2014 Beta version of MPowerSynth as been updated to 8.05b3New version contains several bug fixes, lots of new features, such as ADSR tremolo custom shape, preset order by drag & drop, voice limit and much more. Check the list of changes. Update simply by using the newest installer.
And you have just a few more days to get it for free! Check this link for more information.

09.10.2014 All effects have been updated to 8.06 and MAmp and MRecorder have been released8.06 is a big update providing several new features, performance and workflow improvements, fixes and more. It is highly recommended to install this update. It is necessary to use the newest installer from our download page.
Also 2 new plugins have been released. MAmp is a great sounding vintage amp simulator known from MVintageRotary and MRotary plugins and is available at a riddiculous introductory price as usual. It is free for MTotalBundle, MCreativeBundle and MMixingBundle users.
MRecorder is a simple free utility, which saves incoming input as WAV file.

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