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The ultimate A/B tool for mixing and mastering. Don't ever be fooled by your own ears again!

Price: € 30 € 59

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The ultimate dynamics processing tool specifically designed for drums!

Price: € 75 € 149

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A powerful freeform equalizer - just draw whatever you want and the plugin will make it happen!

Price: € 25 € 49

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The most powerful automatic panner in the world, a must-have for keyboards, guitars, drums...

Price: € 20 € 39

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67 % OFFIntroductory discount NEW


A unique solution for finalizing stereo tracks, mainly stereo microphone recordings.

Price: € 49 € 149

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50 % OFFIntroductory discount NEW


The most powerful algorithmic reverb ever made. 100 reverbs in one and more...

Price: € 149 € 299

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A unique bass enhancer and sub-bass generator. A must for modern tight mixes!

Price: € 79

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The ultimate (not-only) compressor simulating most of the vintage analog compressors.

Price: € 199

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Artists love MeldaProduction plugins!

James Newton Howard

Melda has changed how I create new sounds. What once took a long chain of effects and hours of programming now can be done with a few simple clicks.

Ralf Christian Mayer

Echo award nominated and multiplatin award winner German producer and mixing engineer.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Venezuelan born pianist, producer and composer

Scott Banks

Studio DMI Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

What's new

18. 09. 2017 All effects and MPowerSynth have been updated to 11.05 and MAutoStereoFix released

11.05 is an important update which provides several new features and optimizations and fixes/improves several problems. It is recommended to install this update. To do that, get the newest version from our download page and use it.
See the list of changes for effects and list of changes for MPowerSynth for further information.

Additionally a new plugin has been released - MAutoStereoFix, a unique solution for finalizing stereo tracks, mainly stereo microphone recordings, which is free for MTotalFXBundle and MMixingFXBundle and now available for an introductory price. It has been added to MXXX as well.

16. 09. 2017 MDrummer has been updated to 7.02

MDrummer has been updated to 7.02 bringing several improvements, optimizations and fixes. It is highly recommended to install this update. You can get a new engine from our download page as usual. There is no need to download the whole 6GB package for MDrummer Large and 500MB for MDrummer Small. See list of changes for more information about the update.

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