Products and licencing

Free-for-life updates

We provide free-for-life updates for all of our products. This means that you will never need to pay to upgrade our software! We may cancel this unusual offer at any time, so take it while you can.

Any update to any software is free for our customers!

Usually you have to pay for upgrades of most software of other companies. Not here at MeldaProduction! When you purchase any software, you will be granted free upgrades forever!

Any software added to a bundle is free for owners of the bundle!

Every time we release a new software product and add it to a bundle, we give it to all current owners of the bundle for free. Of course, we have free-for-life updates too at MeldaProduction!

Trial versions and purchasing

All software can be downloaded from the download page. Commercial software is available as fully-functional 15-day trials. After that the plugins switch to demo mode with several limitations. After that you need to purchase a licence from the same web page and activate the software. It will then start working fully again.
MDrummer Large is different. It includes a huge sounds library, so we recommend that you try MDrummer Small, which contains a demo version, instead.

You can purchase any licence from the product page simply by clicking the "Buy Now" button. You will be redirected to the checkout and then to FastSpring's site, which handles any transactions. It will show you the accurate price in your currency. The purchases are instant. You will receive a licence via email immediately after the purchase and it will be also added to your account, from where you can download it at any time.

Software licences

We now use licence files to activate our software. Each file contains information about the individual user to whom it is registered. There is no need for an Internet connection nor hardware dongle for activation. The usual way of activation is to drag & drop your licence file into the plugin you are activating. Some hosts, especially on Mac OS X, interfere with this process, in which case you have to take an alternative approach as described in this video tutorial.

Every licence key can be activated on all your machines.

We use so-called "to-person" licences, which means that you, and only you, the owner of the licence, are allowed to use the software. However you can activate it on any number of computers as long as you personally own them. When you upgrade a computer, you may need to reactivate the product(s).

Licence can be transferred for a fee of 20% of the current full price.

The licence files are registered to you as an individual, but you can still transfer them to another person directly from your user account. The transfer fee is 20% of the full price. For example, if your product's full price (discounts are not relevant) is currently 100 EUR, the fee is 20 EUR. You can do the transaction yourself from your user account.


With subscription licencing, you can get access to all our plugins for a regular monthly or yearly payment.

We use a "rent to buy" model, which means you the full licence after paying the full price with subscription payments.

More on subscriptions

Educational discounts

MeldaProduction offers eligible educational end users, such as full or part-time students, faculty and staff, and employees of government-certified educational institutions, the opportunity to purchase MeldaProduction products at low academic prices.

Approved discount: 50%
Approved group-buy discount: 70% (at least 20 copies of a single product)

Educational discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts! Also you cannot resell EDU licences.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account on our site. Please do this first so that we can set your EDU status.
  2. Use the form below. We will then validate your EDU status and activate it on our site and your prices will be lowered. We usually respond within 24 hours.