Extremely easy to use

MAutoAlign finds the ideal delays and polarity inversions automatically. Just put an instance on each track that you want to fix and click a button. Absolutely no complicated routing or side-chaining is needed. MAutoAlign will find all other instances of itself automatically.

Completely transparent processing

By default the plugin only delays each track and possibly inverts the polarity of some of them. But no filtering is done, nothing that would alter the signal in any way. You can expect pristine audio quality with improved attack and minimum phasing problems.

Spectral phase compensation

Since version 11.02 MAutoAlign performs something previously unimaginable - it actually fixes the phase for each frequency in all tracks, if you ask it to. During the analysis it now not only estimates the ideal delays and polarity, but also the ideal phase rotation to minimize cancellations. This means it can compensate for phase differences caused by 3D nature of the instruments being recorded, by the microphones and other recording equipment, and even processing you perform before MAutoAlign. So now you can actually equalize the tracks without worrying about phase cancellations!

MeldaProduction goodies

As always you'll find the standard MeldaProduction features: M/S, surround support as well as other channel modes, and our easy to use integrated help system.

Emrah Celik

Emrah Celik

"MautoAlign is my go-to phase alignment tool. Also, it is the fastest way to align the channels in my sessions. I use it every day."
Marc Urselli

Marc Urselli

"One thing I often did on this record was check to make sure that all my drum mics were in phase. I’ve tried several plugins for this task throughout the years, and I’ve settled on the MAutoAlign by Melda Production."

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