Text tutorials

Installation and activation

This is where we cover the basics of getting our software up and running. If you are just starting out with our plugins or simply need a quick refresher on the basics, this section is just for you!


This is where we will cover the foundations of creating great audio recordings. If you are just starting out or simply need a quick refresher on the basics, this section is just for you! We take a look at recording, mixing and mastering.

Compression & expanding

Compressors and other dynamics processors are seen by many as some of the hardest audio processes to understand. If you are confused by the subject, then this tutorial should help you. We attempt to demystify the process and explain why these tools are an essential part of today's music production techniques.


Limiters are the basic tools to use in the loudness war. It is essential therefore to understand just how these tools work in order to get good audio results.


We cut through the confusion surrounding equalizers by focusing on the different types of EQ devices and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Mixing tutorial

As there probably aren't two people in this world who have exactly the same approach to mixing, we discuss some of the general ideas and principles that you should be consider when starting out. We then bring these together in six steps to set you on the right path to that perfect mix!

Mastering tutorial

Mastering is the essential last step in modern music production. A mastering engineer takes a mix and makes it sound right for a particular purpose. Typically, the mix is equalized, so it has all the necessary frequencies. Dynamics are then adjusted, to minimize the differences between softer and stronger parts of the recording, and finally compression is added to make the overall sound louder, a method that is popular in today's mixes. Using both video and written tutorials, we cover one of the many ways to achieve this.

Stereo field & expansion

As we gradually move away from the need for monophonic production, we look at the various ways to make audio sound wider within the confines of your two available speakers. This section contains a summary of the principles involved, and the tools used to create these spatial effects.

Analogue vs. Digial

Digital processing can cause a lot of confusion. In this tutorial we'll shed some light on the link between the worlds of analogue and digital.