All products for a great price

Get everything immediately. Plus all plugins we will release in the future. We have introduced a new licensing model, which includes all our effects and instruments, the MCompleteBundle.

Get a permanent licence when done

That's right! When the sum of your payments levels the full MCompleteBundle price at the time you first subscribed you'll get the full permanent licence; no more payments, ever.

Monthly or yearly plans

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly, in advance. The yearly subscription is considerably cheaper. The price you pay every month or year will never change.

How do the payments work?

When starting a new subscription, you pay for the first period (one month or one year) via our partner's payment gateway, currently That part is the same as a regular licence purchase. The gateway takes it from there. It's responsible for charging you again once the subscription period is over. FastSpring accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, cheques and more.

They charge you the same amount every time. The price of the regular payment never changes and we will never charge you more. (unless you stop the subscription and start again, if the prices have changed). If you buy a first month for 49 EUR, next month it will be 49 EUR as well etc.

If the recurring charge is unsuccessful (for any reason, the most common being insufficient funds on your bank account), the gateway will send you a notification and try again. Don't worry. If that happens, there's a two week grace period to fix the issue and get your subscription running again.

Keep in mind that any subscription that's overdue for more than two days will be considered invalid and the plugins will switch to expired demo mode until you make the subscription work again or get a normal licence.

Please note that the period you choose cannot be changed at the moment.

Upgrading to full licence

Subscription licence gets promoted to full MCompleteBundle licence when the sum of your payments reaches its current full price. This includes both subscription payments and what you have spent for regular licences prior starting the subscription.

Please note that by current price we mean the price at that moment and this price may change at any time in the future.

You can also upgrade manually. Please note that regular upgrade policy applies and unless there's a special bundle discount, this option will cost you more.

Canceling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the Cancel subscription button in your account page after signing in. After that, you won't be charged any more.

Until the current period (month or year depending on your initial choice) is over, the subscription stays valid. During this period, you can change your mind and restore (uncancel) the subscription. In that case, you will be charged again when the current period is over, as if nothing happened.

A canceled subscription gets disabled after the current period ends and it cannot be restored afterwards. If you decide to continue the subscription program later, you have to repeat the initial purchase. Nevertheless all your subscription payments add up and you get a full licence when you reach the full MCompleteBundle price, so there's no need to worry.

How to enable subscriptions in the plugins?

First of all, download and install the newest version of our plugins. Subscription licencing is available from version 7.00 for MDrummer and version 11.02 for everything else. Then purchase the subscription on our site. You can check the status of your subscription in your user account at any time.

When your subscription is active, open any of our plugins, click the Settings button in the top right corner, then click the Subscriptions button in the top right corner of the Settings window. That will display the subscription manager where you enter your username and password, so that the plugin can validate the subscription by contacting our servers and checking your user account. The plugins will contact our servers in the future as well, whenever appropriate.

If you are on the road without internet access, it is recommended to update the subscription manually in this window from time to time, just to be sure that your licence won't stop working while you are without internet access.

Note: We are not responsible for connection problems caused by your internet access provider.