Referral program

Referral banner

Purchase any product on our website and get your personal referral coupon. Any new customer who uses your code during checkout gets a 20% discount for themselves and 10% goes to you in form of credits.

Use the credits to purchase any of our plugins. You will see your account balance at the checkout and a "Use credits" button. Simply enter the amount of credits you want to use and hit the button and the price will lower accordingly. This discount can be combined with other discount coupons.

MeldaProduction credits cannot be used to purchase plugins sold at introductory prices.

1 credit = 1 EUR.

All current customers who already purchased any product can find their referral coupon in their accounts as well.

Where do you find your coupon?

First sign in. If you've already made a purchase, you will find it in the Referral/credits section of your user account.

How does it work


Makes any purchase

or already is our customer. The referral coupon is now ready in Bob's account.


Gets his referral coupon

and shares it with others (including Ginny) on his blog and via social media.


Reads Bob's blogpost

and also follows Meldaproduction for a while. Likes the idea of a discount.


Makes a € 100 purchase

and uses Bob's referral coupon during checkout.


Gets € 10 back in credits

and can use those for the next purchase at

Gets € 20 discount

and looks forward to using her new Meldaproduction plugin. Thanks Bob.