Version 11

Version 11 may not be fully backwards compatible with previous versions. The problems should be negligible and here is the list.

Major plugin renaming

We decided to rename several plugins for sake of easier workflow in various DAWs. There should be no problems with most DAWs. It's the host's responsibility to switch to the new plugin names. If your host fails to do that, let it rescan the plugins and restart it afterwards. All licences have been upgraded in your accounts of course. Following name changes have been made:

  • MLimiter -> MSaturator
  • MDynamicsLimiter -> MLimiterX
  • MEqualizerLinearPhase -> MEqualizerLP
  • MAutoEqualizerLinearPhase -> MAutoEqualizerLP
  • MMultiBand*** -> M***MB (for example, MMultiBandAutopan -> MAutopanMB)

Bundles have been renamed as well, to make the name reflect that the bundles contain effect only:

  • MTotalBundle -> MTotalFXBundle
  • MCreativeBundle -> MCreativeFXBundle
  • MMasteringBundle -> MMasteringFXBundle
  • MMixingBundler -> MMixingFXBundle
  • MFreeEffectsBundle -> MFreeFXBundle

Automation restructuralized

Version 11 comes up with fully restructuralized automation parameter system, which should improve performance and compatibility with problematic hosts. If you have been using automation in your older projects, please go to Settings in any of the plugins and enable Automation compatibility mode for V10. Then restart your host and your projects should load without problems. For future's sake it is recommended to have this option disabled however.

Parameter ranges

We also decided to extend range of a few parameters. The settings will load without problems, but if you have been modulating/automating them, you will need to readjust the range. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • MSaturatorMB had a Ceiling parameter ranging from -24dB to 0dB, which was replaced by Output gain ranging from -24dB to +24dB.
  • MDelayMB maximum delay has been extended from 500ms to 10 seconds.