40 delay plugins in a single beast...
MTurboDelay is the ultimate delay providing 40 delay plugins in a single beast. That means 40 completely different delay designs inspired by both analog and digital worlds, brought to a whole new level.
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MTurboDelay Quick Introduction
MTurboDelay Quick Introduction
MTurboDelay review
MTurboDelay review
MTurboDelay guitar presets
MTurboDelay guitar presets
MTurboDelay walkthrough
MTurboDelay walkthrough

One of the most important creative plugins

A delay is the first tool you probably try, when you want to turn something boring into something interesting, lush, mezmerizing... But there's pretty much infinite ways a delay may sound. So we implemented so many of them, that your only problem will be to choose, which you like the most. These are no basic echoes, these are complex algorithms with various numbers of taps, advanced feedback processing from filtering to pitch-shifting and distortion and much more.

Better than individual plugins

So why wouldn't you just buy many delay plugins and choose from them? Well, MTurboDelay will be way cheaper and faster solution. It will let you switch between them by a single click and we have unified the workflow, so it will take you minutes to get used to each delay. Comparing them is also available by a single click. You will save time and the plugin will let you focus on what's really important - the sound.

A multiband version MTurboDelayMB is now included!

How about using multiple of these super-powerful delays and process each part of the spectrum with a different one? Or perhaps one delay processing the transients and another processing the sustain? And well, nearly anything you can imagine!

Mike Gonsolin

Mike Gonsolin

"MTurboReverb and MTurboDelay are a mixing engineer’s equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. 40 delays and 100 reverbs to sift through!"

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