Maybe you do not need to design you own reverbs - you can consider the cheaper version MTurboReverbLE which provides all those 100 reverbs.

About 100 great sounding reverbs ready for you to use

Algorithmic reverbs are usually based on a single algorithm. But MTurboReverb comes up with a revolutionary programmable engine, where you can design your own algorithms, but most importantly about 100 of them have already been prepared for you, with a standardized GUI for extremely quick workflow and a short learning curve. There is everything from rooms to halls, plates, ethereal and shimmering sounds, and 2D positioning reverbs.

Each of these reverbs feature all the necessary controls such as dry/wet or reverb length, but also more special ones, such as a dynamics section or side high-pass filter. Switching between the reverbs is one click away, which tremendously speeds up your creative workflow.

Programming your own reverb

The Edit screen of the MTurboReverb plugin is certainly not for beginners, but if you have the courage, it actually lets you build your own reverbs! The plugin comes with 4 early reflection generators, which are editable graphically. But the true revolution comes in the form of 6 late reflection generators, each featuring a simple programming language, which lets you define the actual reverberation algorithm. And it's not complex at all, in fact, every algorithm takes only a single line. The plugin has been designed to make everything needed to make this work quick and easy; it does most of the design work for you automatically. Despite all the simplicity, it may not be just reverbs you can create; you can exploit complex feedback structures featuring modulation effects, pitch shifters, saturators and much more. The only limit is your imagination...and the algorithm generator, yes, it can even generate new algorithms...

Never-ending supply of creative features

Let's say you are temporarily out of ideas how to make something sound more interesting. No problem. Randomize any ER or LR section, or use one of the hundreds of presets for them. Exploit the modulators to do, well, almost anything. Mess up any of the predefined reverbs. And if that's not enough for you, there is also a multiband version MTurboReverbMB available for you. If that won't help you, nothing will.

Audio examples

  • Dark space(
  • Mice(
  • Tricky(
  • Wicked message(
  • Dark space (
    • WET
    • DRY
Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

"Who makes a reverb that allows you to write your own reverb algorithms in it!? Melda... I guess. Spectral Reverb mode... need I say more :p"


"This one is so rad. The "creative" spaces sound so cool on vocal chops, especially once you start playing with the early/late reflections knobs."
Benn Jordan

Benn Jordan

"I was initially turned on to Melda's plugins through MTurboReverb. It's easily the deepest reverb tool I've used short of literally coding your own algorithm. But I learned that this is the trademark of Melda's software."
Mike Gonsolin

Mike Gonsolin

"MTurboReverb and MTurboDelay are a mixing engineer’s equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. 40 delays and 100 reverbs to sift through!"
Marc Urselli

Marc Urselli

"Reverb is obviously something that's on almost every mix, but sometimes you want something more specific than just a plate or a hall, so I can go to MReverb, or MTurboReverb, according to how much control and creativity I need for my application. The MTurboReverb algorithms are particularly compelling when you want something more complex and detailed."

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