Direct access to the instrument's harmonics

Most audio instruments have a distinctive character defined by harmonics and formants. Formants are pretty much static in the audio spectrum, so you can change them directly with an equalizer. Harmonics, however, are more problematic, because they follow the pitch. MCharacter lets you control the levels of first 32 harmonics in a very simple and effective way. By working directly in the spectral domain the plugin's ability to detect pitch is outstanding and the changes are instant, which makes it outperform traditional equalizers in just about every way.

Powerful synthesis

What happens if some harmonics are not present at all in the audio? Or, perhaps, you want to generate a sub-octave? Well, up to now it was pretty much impossible, but MCharacter makes this very simple. It lets you synthesize harmonics & tones that are not there using 2 simple graphs. Just say which harmonics and how much you want of each!

Modulation heaven

Looking for a little extra variation in your sound? Look no further than our extensive modulation options. Modulate any parameter from sources such as an LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, randomizer, or pitch detector. Your sound will never be static again.

MeldaProduction goodies

Like always you'll find the standard MeldaProduction features: M/S, surround support as well as other channel modes, A-H presets for easy comparisons, and our easy to use integrated help system.

Audio examples

  • ElGuitar
  • Flute
  • Trumpet
  • Cello1
  • Cello2
  • Guitar
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • ElGuitar - Guitar Feedback Tool 2
    • WET
    • DRY


"MCharacter is unique - it can add tight all the way to bizarre character to any sound - taking something quite plain and turning it into an ear catching lead!"

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