LAXX is an electronic artist

Melda has the most mind-blowing catalogue of plugins - Wether its mixing and mastering or sound design and experimentation, theres something for every task - 10/10

Innovation, determination, and paving your own lane is the name of LAXX's game. Throughout his career, LAXX has continuously created his own sound and known for his diversity in sound design and forward thinking tracks.

Touring the world several times over and being supported by some of the biggest names in the DJing world, he shows no sign of slowing down and pushing the next trends in dance music to the forefront!

LAXX recommends



"MAutoPitch really gives all autotuning plugins a run for their money. To be able to detune and stereo shift the backing vocals as well is so quick and easy, and the formant shifting is incredibly clean. Sounds gorgeous on pretty much everything!"



"MBassador has become a new favourite for adding warmth and depth to the low end in my tracks - super easy to use and incredibly versatile "



"MCharacter is unique - it can add tight all the way to bizarre character to any sound - taking something quite plain and turning it into an ear catching lead!"



"I love MOscilloscope to get a visual of what the waveform looks like - Figuring out phase and seeing if one wave is louder than another is incredibly useful, and for me make the music feel like it’s coming alive!"


"MSaturator has this magic way of pulling out different parts of the signal, and the Analog mode adds low end harmonics to really thicken up a signal, without destroying it. Love it for drums and bass to push it a little more outward into the mix and generally it glues it into a really nice space!"



"MXXX is insanely fast and versatile with really a sound for anything - taking things into a space you wouldn’t have imagined without it!"

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Melda plugins not only sounds amazing, but allows the user to change anything on th UI for easier workflow…
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