Lineu Andrade

Lineu Andrade
Melda plugins not only sounds amazing, but allows the user to change anything on th UI for easier workflow…

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The first thing that captured me about the Melda plugins was the way that any plugin not only sounds amazing, but allows the user to change anything on the UI for easier workflow. People are different and work differently, so Melda went ahead and accommodated all of us. This shows that the users are top priority to the company.


Lineu Andrade began playing acoustic guitar and bass when he was 8 years of age, but didn’t start formal classes until the age of 17 with renowned guitarist Eduardo Ardanuy, who was awarded “World’s Best Guitarist” by japanese magazine “Young Guitar”.

By the age of 21, Lineu received the opportunity to play guitar for brazilian mainstream country singer Sula Miranda, who immediately after the first rehearsal, asked him to fill the musical director position for her upcoming brazilian tour. After this tour, Lineu started playing alongside big names in the brazilian country scenario, playing with Tinoco and lately, Sergio Reis, who is a multi platinum, multi grammy awarded artist, and considered one of the top five mainstream artists in Brazil.

In 2002 Oswaldo Montenegro, who is another multi platinum artist, and owner of a musical theater company in São Paulo, reached out to Lineu to play guitar for his theater company, when after only one year, offered him the MD role for all the plays. Lineu stayed with said company “Oficina dos Menestréis” until 2010, where he directed over 20 different plays and over 1000 sold out events.

Also in 2002, “Building Records” and producer Tibor Yuzo, reached out to Lineu to write, record and perform with singer Adriane Garcia, and the result was an album named “Vem Ficar Comigo” that reached #1 in Brazil for 4 weeks and stayed between the top 100 for 35 weeks after that.

In 2003, Sergio Reis once again called Lineu to be a part of his newest project, named “Sergio Reis e Filhos - Violas E Violeiros”, but this time as an assistant producer. This album/DVD was nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2004 for best sertanejo album.

In 2004, Lineu joined “Musica Em Família”, a project the brought musical activities to schools which has been a huge success until this day. Some of the different projects in Musica Em Familia are “Poesia Urbana”, a compilation of songs from Renato Russo (brazilian composer), “Dia da Mãe” (mother’s day), “Dia do Pai” (father’s day) and “Receita de Família”, an interesting concept which children songs were rearranged into the Jazz Manouche style, in honor of legend Django Reinhardt, creator of the style.

In 2008, controversial mainstream artist Lobão summoned Lineu Andrade to play acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, banjo and dobro on the MTV Unplugged tour to support the Latin Grammy awarded album as best Rock album in 2007.

Still in 2008 Lineu was featured in several recordings for TV and Radio, and met producer David Corcos. In 2009, Sony called David to produce album “Das Kapital” from mainstream rock band “Capital Inicial”, and he immediately called Lineu to record all the acoustic guitars on that album, feeling that Lineu’s style was exactly what the album needed. Lineu was featured in all the acoustic versions of the album, including the single “Depois Da Meia Noite”. This album was nominated as Best Rock Album in the Latin Grammys 2010.

In 2011, Lineu received a call from legendary producer Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Journey, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, etc) to join as the bass player for “One Karma”, rock band produced by him and felt that nobody could perform that role as well as Lineu, relocating him to Los Angeles, where Lineu started working in a brand new place.

It didn’t take long for Lineu to start making a name for himself in America. While working closely with Roy, Lineu was called by management company “The Sixth House” to play acoustic guitar, mandolin and dobro for Christian Chavez (RBD) solo project, and tour. The result is an unplugged album/DVD named “Esencial”.

In 2012, Brandon Muchow started recording his new full length album “Oceans Of Melodies” but not before asking Lineu to play guitar and co-produce the album with Tiago D’Errico. Still in 2012, Michel Teló, the brazilian singer and composer of “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” invited Lineu to perform with him and The Blue Man Group at the Latin Grammy awards is 2012 in Las Vegas.

In 2013, Lineu met producer Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, Caetano Veloso), who asked Lineu to play for the Coca Cola Official anthem for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, sang by X-factor contestant David Correy. Lineu played electric bass, acoustic and electric guitars and mandolin on said track totaling 80% of all the harmonic instruments.

In the last quarter of 2013, Lineu was called to produce a new band called “Bonavox” and the result was the track “Fallen Angels” being the winner of Grammy Amplifier competition in 2014.

In July 2014, The Sixth House asked Lineu to play with Carlos Peña, first Latin American Idol winner, for a few shows and showcases. Lineu was also featured as bass player for Ricky Furlani’s “Fuzz Up” instrumental album.

Later that year, Brandon Muchow summoned Lineu one more time to produce, mix, arrange and play for his live project “Live With Teen Challenge”, which was a huge success in the christian field.

In the first quarter of 2015, Bonavox asked Lineu to join as a full time member, and they performed together at the Billboard Power100 party with Allen Stone for a small but selected crowd in Beverly Hills, at the ASCAP event in Hollywood, at The Hard Rock Cafe where Bonavox won the battle of bands, and finally at the Fun, Fun Fun, festival in Austin,TX for a closed Grammy party.

In May 2015, Multi platinum artist Richie Kotzen invited Lineu record mandolin on the track “Solid Ground” for the upcoming album by “The Winery Dogs - Hot Streak”.

In July 2015, Lineu was offered the role of lead guitar player for Multi platinum Gloria Trevi in her new world tour entitled “El Amor World Tour”. The tour had its premiere at The Greek Theater on August 22nd 2015 in Los Angeles.

As of now, Lineu balances Gloria Trevi’s tour, Bonavox and several recordings in Los Angeles.

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MeldaProduction is a company I've heard about for many years doing what I'm doing, but It was more coherent when I tested the products myself, I was mind-blown and shocked I didn't do that any sooner. So much versatility to choose from with tools that give you infinite solutions, its forward thinking and innovative and in my books it's the right approach, I'm very grateful to have those tools available to me any time, Melda is the future!
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