Oscilators technology

Every oscillator in MeldaProduction plugins, whether it is a low-frequency oscillator (LFO) or a high frequency audio signal generator, is driven by the most state-of-the-art technology on the market - MeldaProduction Oscillator Shape technology, which lets you completely customize the shape/sound of the oscillator and still provides the best audio quality you can get. And you can automate/modulate almost any parameter...

Normal mode

Normal mode lets you shape the oscillator visually. You can blend between several predefined curves from sine to saw and noise. You can combine it with anything you can draw yourself using our MeldaProduction Envelope Shape technology. Then you can combine it with a powerful step sequencer. And finally you can process their shape using harmonics and several predefined and custom transformations. Whatever oscillator shape you can imagine, MeldaProduction oscillators can make it happen...

Harmonic mode

Normal mode may be sufficient for LFOs, but it hardly says much about how such an oscillator would sound when used as an actual audio generator. After all, real instruments don't sound like sine or saw waves, but more like series of harmonics. That's where the harmonic mode comes in and lets you directly control each harmonic. Now, if that seems like too much work, you can use the unique harmonic generator, which creates the whole series based on much more understandable parameters such as fullness or slope. And you can even analyze samples and extract harmonics from them!

It just sounds superb...

We took the time to develop crystal clear sounding oscillators. Well, just take a look at the pictures, this is what our oscillators sound like:

...and this is what almost all other plugins on the market sound like:

The difference is obvious. You can try it for yourself, just check with MAnalyzer, set high FFT size and resolution to say -150dB. And before you start arguing about "analogue", what you see on the latter graph is called aliasing, pure digital ;).