The best saturation from both the analogue and digital worlds
Saturation is a very special type of smooth distortion known from tubes and tapes. It can provide some harmonic flavour, improve bass and sub-bass content and much more. MSaturatorMB is an extremely musical and versatile saturation plugin, which also contains a digital harmonic generator. MSaturatorMB combines the best from both the analogue and digital worlds.
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Multiband processing and crossovers
Multiband processing and crossovers

6 bands for maximum clarity

Broadband saturation may sound good on rock guitars, but sometimes you just need to add some flavour to your clean tracks. That's exactly what you can expect from our beautiful sounding saturator, and the multiband design plays a big role in its amazing audio quality.

Powerful harmonic generator

While an analogue-type saturator naturally enhances the whole harmonic spectrum, the digital harmonic generator can also create distinct harmonics for you. You can use it to enrich the signal even more or with specific intent. Making the sub-bass content audible on a small speaker for instance.

Modulation heaven

Love the sound of our plugins, but wish there were some way to quickly create motion in your sequences? Enter Melda modulation heaven. Modulate any parameter from our unique set of modulation sources, which includes LFOs, audio level followers, envelope generators, randomizer, and pitch detectors.

Maor Levi

Maor Levi

"MSaturatorMB is my favorite way of adding life and depth to Groups and individual sounds, It sounds fantastic, and has a wide range of precise control, lets me achieve the desired tone, quickly and easily."


"MSaturator has this magic way of pulling out different parts of the signal, and the Analog mode adds low end harmonics to really thicken up a signal, without destroying it. Love it for drums and bass to push it a little more outward into the mix and generally it glues it into a really nice space!"

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