Miklos Malek

Music producer | Mixing / Mastering engineer | Songwriter

Miklos Malek
I use a lot of Melda Plugins, and this is not advertisement as I bought them for the full price. I must say, all of them are of the highest quality, but there are a few magical plugins that I can neither replace nor live without.

Miklos Malek is an American-Hungarian music producer, mixing / mastering engineer and songwriter. He is known for his deep musical knowledge, dedication to quality and his unique ability to elevate every project he touches in unexpected ways. Miklos’ credits include Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Armin Van Buuren, Anastacia, Pixie Lott, Yanni, and The X-Factor. His work has been featured on over 15 million records.

Born in Budapest, Miklos has inherited the rich musical lineage of his parents. He studied classical piano and composition while working on pop hits. After receiving his master’s degree from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Miklos went to Boston and studied at Berklee College of Music. Soon after he was offered a publishing deal in New York, which led to his breakthrough in the USA first as a songwriter (Anastacia) and then as a producer / arranger (Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia, Dream).

In 2006, Miklos launched his studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He began focusing more on developing new artists, mixing / mastering (Ariana Grande, Armin Van Buuren, Aloe Blacc) and expanding into new genres (Yanni, Markus Schulz). In 2010, Miklos was invited to be a judge on X-Factor, the Hungarian version of the wildly popular talent show. Through auditioning thousands of people and coaching his contestants to victory, he gained a deeper understanding of how to bring the best out of artists.

Building on his succesful mentoring in X-Factor, Miklos shares his knowledge around the world in the form of masterclasses, workshops and one-on-one coaching (Berklee College of Music Abu Dhabi, SAE Dubai, Microsoft, Los Angeles Music Industry Summer Academy, SynthPlex, American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers).

Miklos Malek recommends



"MBassador can turn the weakest bass guitar into an absolute powerhouse. There is no other plugin like it and I would probably have a hard time re-creating what it does!"



"MCompare is my favorite plugin for A/B-ing my work against references. I have it programmed to a USB controller, and it’s incredibly useful not only for auditioning references and previous versions but also for checking the mix in mono, and listening only to the sides, left, or right."


"MSaturatorMB can breathe life into any source that needs some energy. From bass, vocals, groups or even full mixes can benefit from a touch of saturation that you can dial in very precisely."


"MTransientMB is the most flexible transient designer I have come across. You can shape the transients of sources that other processors cannot do anything useful with like piano or super fast hi-hats.”"

Mike Gonsolin
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You’ll be hard pressed to find a music production tool that does not reside within the vast arsenal that is Melda plugins. A more comprehensive bundle of both mixing and production plugins simply does not exist.
Niko Lyras →
Stellar sounding, world class plug ins for every mixing and mastering task imaginable. By far my favorite, go-to tools since I discovered them! MeldaProduction plugins have made it easier to achieve what I hear in my head.
Niko Lyras