Modulators technology

Many MeldaProduction plugins are equipped with modulators: super-versatile units which present the most advanced technology for automatic parameter control. Each modulator can control any number of parameters (including those of other modulators) and can work as a classic LFO, but it can also detect input level, generate envelopes by following MIDI or input level, generate random sequences and even detect input pitch. And the best thing is, these are extremely easy to use - learn a few parameters, enable it, select what should it do, done. Then when you are ready, you can unleash your full creative potential by getting into the depths of this powerful technology!

Normal mode (also known as LFO)

The basic use of any modulator (and that's where most other modulator technologies on the market finish) is as a low frequency oscillator. Simple, but in MeldaProduction plugins the LFOs are way more capable than those you are used to - you can fully customize the LFO shape using the most advanced MeldaProduction Oscillator Shape technology, sync the LFO to your host and even reset it using selected MIDI notes / velocities.

Level follower

Our modulators can follow the level of main input, side-chain, and even feedback input in modular effects. At your disposal is the most advanced level detection unit on the market. Firstly there are the classic parameters such as attack and release, but also several unique features - a complete parametric equalizer, loudness prefiltering, spectral that you can adjust it to pretty much any audio material. Then there is an extremely powerful level analyzer, which lets you configure the follower quickly and easily. And finally, for the most creative artists, who says that level is the only quality of an audio material? Our modulators let you blend between following the input level and pitch and even detect transients in the material.

So how about making your distortion rougher the harder you play?
Or detecting transients in input pitch? (it's actually pretty useful...)
Or making a delay generate echoes only when you hit the snare drum, and hard!? ...


Our modulators can generate an extremely advanced ADSR envelope with some pretty unique features such as tempo sync, tremolo and custom shape. And you can control the envelope using MIDI or it can follow the input signal featuring all the marvels that Follower mode does! And of course you have a super-powerful analyzer, so that it is a piece of cake to set up the modulator to just about any audio material.

So how about an envelope that triggers on every snare drum hit?
Or an envelope that triggers every time the input pitch changes?
Or when the instrument starts playing above A3? ...

Random sequence

Sometimes all you need is just to have some motion... Well, that's what Random mode is for. It smoothly changes the associated parameters in time, so say goodbye to boring static performances!

Pitch detector

The modulators can also detect input pitch (or side-chain and feedback for that matter) and set the parameters to the same frequency for example. There are enough features to adjust to just about any audio material. And there's even an automatic tuner...

So how about controlling an equalizer/filter frequency so that it always matches the input pitch?
Or making your distortion rougher the higher the note you play?
Or making an oscillator play the same pitch that you sing? ...