Instrument Plugins

With just a few instruments, we can cover all your musical needs. MDrummer contains every drum sound you can think of, and MSoundFactory contains thousands of instruments and presets. And those that are not included can be made by you. The options are endless; start creating.


The ultimate drum machine and virtual drummer featuring synthesizers, samples, rhythm engine...


Superb oscillators, powerful filters, powerful arp, modulation heaven, modular FX ... THE synthesizer!


The ultimate modular instrument.

Addons for Instrument Plugins

Both MDrummer and MSoundFactory can be extended. The good thing for the users is that all drum libraries are free for MDrummer users, and licenses for all instruments published by MeldaProduction are included when you own an MSoundFactory or MSoundFactoryLE version. But you may also buy (or get) some of the single premium instruments separately. You only have to get free MSoundFactoryPlayer. (MSoundFactory turns into this free version after the 15-day trial version expires; no extra installers are needed.)


Make your Drums come true!


for MDrummer

MDrummer Sample library

Drum Empire 2020

for MDrummer

Drum Empire 2020

Drum Tornado 2023

for MDrummer

Drum Empire 2020

MDrummer Electronic Genres

for MDrummer

Electronic Genres is a massive pack focusing on various electronic dance music styles from house to drum'n'bass. It features…

MDrummer Essentials

for MDrummer

Essentials pack is mandatory for MDrummer to work. It contains all the main resources - drumsets, rhythms, loops, samples...…


Incredibly sounding grand piano for MSoundFactory


Completely free high-quality sampled concert piano.


The orchestral powerhouse

Studio 2008-2018

for MDrummer

Studio 2008-2018 is a huge collection of multisampled acoustic drums and percussion for MDrummer.