Equalizers guide

Equalizers are probably the most essential tools in general. They let you alter the spectrum in various ways, from removing unwanted resonances and lowering frequency mud to brightening the mix, adjusting the tonal characteristic and controlling the stereo field. There are several kinds of an equalizer. While graphics equalizers, being easier to design, are implemented mostly in analogue, they don't have much use in studio and high-end audio, so we focused on the parametric equalizers and freeform equalizers.

We'd recommend taking a look at dynamic equalizers, mainly MAutoDynamicEq, which represent the newest evolution in equalization and dynamics processing. If you are more into the classic analogue equalizers, check the MTurboEQ.

Table of contents

Dynamic equalizers

Dynamic equalizers are the latest evolution in equalization. They represent something between parametric equalizers and dynamic processors, such as compressors and expanders. In practice they can work as both. You use them as you would normal parametric equalizers, but each band can vary its gain according to the input signal level. This can be very useful for several tasks such as de-essing, compression/expansion of part of spectrum (similarly to multiband compression) or even for example avoiding collisions between bass drum and bass using side-chain. And they are very easy to use!

These equalizers feature our latest technology, including adjustable slope technology for versatile and musically sounding shelf filters, high-pass & low-pass filters with slopes up to 120dB/octave, automatic equalization, integrated analyzer & sonogram etc. We recommend them as your go-to equalizers for both mixing and mastering.

MAutoDynamicEq has more bands, automatic equalization feature and modulators compared with MDynamicEq.



The most powerful dynamic equalizer with unbelievable sound, features and workflow.


The 2nd most powerful (dynamic) equalizer available, right after MAutoDynamicEq ;).

Vintage equalizers

Vintage equalizers are simulating/being inspired by the classic hardware models of the past, those which have proven to be successful. They are far less versatile than the parameteric equalizers (not mentioning the dynamic eqs), but they posses one big quality: the design. They provide access only to what you will likely use, configured in such a way, that it all just sounds good from the beginning. The goal is simple - equalize quickly with great results.

MTurboEQ is inspired by most of the classic hardware models.



A unique vintage-style equalizer inspired by most of the well-known classic hardware.

Linear-phase parametric equalizers

Normal equalizers (including hardware analogue equalizers) modify the phase of the signal. Simply put, the modified frequencies are very slightly delayed in time. This can cause problems when processing some complicated multi-tracked materials and some engineers also prefer a different sound in specific cases, especially for mastering.

Linear-phase equalizers on the other hand do not cause the phase shift, however they do exhibit latency, so they are not usable in real time. They also cause so-called pre-ringing, so that they won't be usable for all materials. High-end ones, like those listed below, are also more expensive, because the technology required for implementation is much more complicated than for normal equalizers.

While these 2 equalizers are the same sound-wise, MAutoEqualizer features the automatic equalization feature, which is especially useful for mastering, and is not available in MEqualizerLP.


An extremely powerful linear-phase equalizer with automatic equalization feature.


A linear-phase equalizer that sounds as good as you have always dreamt!

Freeform equalizers

Freeform equalizers are not controlled using parametric bands, but you can "draw" the exact response you want instead.

MFreeformEqualizer is based on processing in the spectral domain, using so-called FFT, which causes several artefacts, is usually linear-phase, and can provide theoretically any response you draw.
MFreeformAnalogEq is a unique equalizer, which automatically manages several parametric bands and tries to get the response you want. Therefore it delivers the analogue sound without dealing with parametric bands.


Just draw what you want and make it happen with the audio quality of parametric analog filters!


A powerful freeform equalizer - just draw whatever you want and the plugin will make it happen!



A powerful utility that lets you adjust the phase of individual frequencies however you like.

Parametric equalizers

Normal parametric equalizers are available in most hosts. Our plugins however provide higher filter quality, additional features (soft-saturation, upsampling etc.) and improved resizable GUI with integrated analyzer and sonogram.



An extremely easy-to-use, powerful 6-band equalizer with analyzer, sonogram and much more.