MSuperLooper is the next generation multitrack looping tool designed for live performances. Capturing ideas and getting creative was never easier. It is quick, versatile and offers endless options.

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MSuperLooper - Introduction
MSuperLooper - Introduction
MSuperLooper - Quick Start
MSuperLooper - Quick Start
MSuperLooper - Funky Loop
MSuperLooper - Funky Loop

The quick and versatile workflow

Live looping is all about the workflow. MSuperLooper is quick and efficient. It lets you do all the tasks you need. It has so many options no looper had before. 

Touch-screen-friendly design

Ease of use is everything. We designed the Graphic User Interface with live production in mind. No tiny buttons, no miniature icons.


MIDI Remote Ready

Attach MsuperLooper it to any MIDI controller, and control multiple aspects of the behaviour, so that you feel comfortable with it.

Up to 16 tracks

Loopers used to have just a single track. That may be enough to capture an idea quickly, but it's certainly not enough for a great live performance. MSuperLooper features up to 16 tracks, 4 loops in each for increased versatility. 

Modular effect pipelines

Each MsuperLooper track has it's own MXXX based modular pipeline. so you can actually play bass with your mouth for example. Every track than may have its own effect chain.*

*Please note that while many effect modules are free, others need to be purchased separately. MSuperLooper follows the same system as MXXXCore, here you can check which licences you may need to unlock certain effects.

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