Powerful spectral processing, just one knob...

Unlike simple cross-fading, which is just like having 2 faders one going down and the other going up, MMorph analyzes both input signals, one sent via the main input and the other via the side-chain, analyzes them both, finds important features and morphs them instead. Much like morphing a photo of one person into another. It can be used to combine voices with any tonal instrument, produce robotic voices, morph between 2 different songs etc. And all of that complex mathematics is available using just one big knob! But of course, if you want to be more creative, you can be - see below...

Versatile for just about any sound material

You might ask what features it could find when morphing between subbass and vocal. Well, at first sight, these don't have much in common, yet it still works. How? MMorph has a huge set of features such as spectral compression, harmonic generation etc., which, besides their creative potential, can make these materials a little more alike, enough to produce lots of original and interesting results.

Modulation heaven

If that just isn't enough for you, the never-ending potential of our modulators will be at your disposal. Modulate any parameter from sources such as an LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, randomize, or pitch detector. Your sound will never be static again.

Audio examples

  • FX + Drums
  • FX + Bass
  • Bass + Vocal
  • Bass + Guitar
  • Organ + Drums
  • Pad + Vocal
  • Beat + E-Guitar - Pumpy
  • Beat + Synth 1 - 3D Drums
  • Beat + Synth 2 - 3D Drums 3
  • Beat + Synth 3 - Vocoder
  • Beat + Synth 4 - Freak Morph 3
  • Orchestra + Atmosphere - Natural
  • Orchestra + Church Bells - Natural
  • Piano + E-Guitar - Talking Morph
  • Strings + Saxophone - Freak Morph
  • Synth + E-Guitar - Neutral
  • Synth + Vox 1 - Freak Morph
  • Synth + Vox 2 - Vocoder
  • Synth + Vox 3 - Vocoder
  • Synth + Vox 4 - Robot Vocoder
  • Tagirijus - Hybridia
  • Tagirijus - MMorph demo
Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

"Ever wonder what it'd sound like to spectrally combine any instrument with any other instrument (in ways vocoders can't?), of course, you have, you're only human... Get MMorph & you can discover exactly that :D"

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