Spectral effects guide

Spectral effects access the hidden world of audio signals - the spectral domain. Designing such tools is often very hard and in analogue devices it is generally impossible. These tools usually focus on pitch shifting, but there are many other marvellous things that the spectral domain lets us accomplish, and we are just getting started!

Table of contents

Pitch processors

There's a lot you can do with pitch. Usually you need to use monophonic audio materials, so that the plugins can detect the pitch accurately.

  • MUnison is a unique unison and smart harmonizer. It can create up to 50 voices and let them either play the same note as the original to get the big unison sound, or even choose harmonies intelligently, in the selected scale.
  • MHarmonizerMB is an extremely versatile pitch shifter and harmonizer, which implements several pitch shifting algorithms. Unlike MUnison it does not generate harmonies automatically, instead it lets you control what the plugin plays.
  • MAutoPitch is a powerful automatic tuner, capable of everything from natural tuning to the famous Cher voice.
  • MTuner is a simple tuner, useful for guitars, bass and other instruments.



A great sounding automatic pitch correction plugin with some cool creative features.



MCharmVerb is a great sounding lush algorithmic reverb based on the MTurboReverb engine.


Unbelievably powerful pitch shifting and multi-voice harmonizing plugin.



A simple audio pitch analyzer designed mostly for tuning guitars and other instruments.



A unique doubler / unison / smart harmonizer plugin capable of creating up to 50 voices!


Spectral domain processing lets us analyze the contents of the audio material directly and change it in some way. A classic purpose of saturation is to create higher harmonics to enrich the signal. The problem is that saturation (and any other distortion) produces not only the harmonics, but also lots of different unrelated frequencies, which cause the "distorted" sound. In spectral domain processing we can create only what we want and that's what the following tools do.

  • MCharacter can control any harmonic of your audio material and can even resynthesise frequencies that are not there. As it needs to be able to detect the pitch it works on monophonic audio signals.
  • MPolySaturator is a spectral equivalent of saturation. It lets you synthesize higher harmonics for all frequencies in your signal but unlike MCharacter it works on virtually any audio material.



A unique tool that lets you control directly the harmonics of any monophonic audio material.



A unique spectral saturation plugin for harmonic enhancement which exploits the spectral domain.

Creative effects

Some things are so awesome that they are hard to describe and you should try them for yourself!



Morph between 2 audio materials, an indispensable tool for anyone who really wants to be creative.



MSpectralDelay takes the delay effect into the next level by letting you process individual frequencies.



A revolution in audio processing. Flattens the spectrum, prevents collisions, removes noise...


A unique creative processor for pitch shifting, frequency shifting, daemonic & robotic voices...



MTurboDelay is the ultimate delay providing 40 delay plugins in a single beast...