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Unique spectral processing with fine-tuned algorithms

MSpectralDynamics is essentially a dynamics processor which works in the spectral domain allowing you to work with individual frequencies. The compressor can make loud frequencies quieter for example - but that's just a beginning. With MSpectralDynamics you can expect nothing less than pristine audio quality!

Simple interface for common tasks

Standard tasks, such as flattening the spectrum or removing noise, are available from the main screen with simple controls. Quick and easy, unless you want to dive deeper and make use of all the controls.

All-in-one solution

The plugin can do anything with each frequency. It can be a compressor, expander, gate, or any combination, and you can even draw your own processing shape for more creative effects. Add in integrated parallel compression, full channel linking, up to 8 channel surround processing and much more and you might just become a hopeless addict.

Ultra-flexible level follower

The unbelievable level follower that you may know from MDynamics is here too! Automatic release modes, peak hold, RMS length, look-ahead, custom attack and release shapes and much more.

Spectral side-chain processing

Preventing collisions between tracks is just one example of what you can do by analyzing a different track from the one that you are actually processing. Unleash your creativity!



"I've been using MSpectralDynamics in a lot of productions lately. The plugin is a great tool to clean up messy recordings. It helped me a lot by vocal sessions and recording sessions.""
Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

"Think "better OTT", that's kinda what I've been treating this plug-in as, 20,000 individualĀ OTT's (one for each frequency)... It's just insanely good at making things sound polished!"

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