Yarden "Jordi" Peleg

Yarden "Jordi" Peleg
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Multi Award winning Israeli mediterranean-pop producer and a judge on "Israel's Got Talent". In the past three years Jordi has produced the biggest and most successful songs in the history of Israel, both in radio play counts and YouTube views, and worked with the biggest Israeli artists including mega-pop-star-duo Static&BenEl, Shlomo Artzi, Ivri Lider, Sarit Hadad, EZ, Lior Narkis and many more.

Starting his musical journey when he was just 12 years old, Jordi always dreamed of becoming a successful producer. With no musical education of any kind, and just before the internet and YouTube era, he learned the basics of production, mixing and mastering by rotating virtual knobs on his computer and recording local artists in his bedroom. As the years went by, and after serving 3 years in the Israeli Defence Force, Jordi built his first recording studio and started working with EZ - a very successful Israeli rapper. together they recorded "Ben HaBodedim" wich became a huge club smash hit around the country. Later on that same year, Jordi produced another song for EZ - "Lo HaKol Min Allah", wich was the first Jordi-produced songs to become #1 on the Israeli billboard and stay there for 2 weeks.

In 2015 Jordi produced the first single of 2 young, relatively unknown singers - Static (Leeraz Russo) and Ben El Tavori. The song, called "Barbie" was supposed to be a one time collaboration between the two singers. Very quickly it became a huge commercial success, and became the #1 most viewed YouTube Music Video in Israel and made Static&BenEL the hottest names the music industry. The fans wanted more, and the two decided to form a duo.

Their second big hit - "Silsulim", completely changed the game for the Duo, for Jordi and the Israeli music industry itself - it went straight to #1 on the billboard and stayed there for 5 weeks, broke the YouTube record once again as #1, sending "Barbie" to #2. "Silsulim" was also "Song of the year" in many Israeli radio stations, and the same year both Jordi & the Duo were awarded "Breakthrough of the Year" award.

Their next big hit was "Zahav". Uppon release, it had 56 radio plays on its first day. Does't sound like a lot, but thats a record-breaking number - Its the most radio plays a song had in one day ever, in the history of Israel. The song was also awarded for the most radio plays of 2017, making it the most successful song of that year, as well as the "Most wanted song on Kareoke, 2017" reward.

But the biggest hit Jordi made with Static&BenEl was their next single "Tudo Bom" - a Brazilian baile funk style song. The day of its release, the song had 66 radio plays, breaking the record again for most radio plays in one day. It also became the most viewed music video on Israeli YouTube with 45 million views - sending "Silsulim" to #2 and "Barbie" to #3. Also the song was #1 on the Israeli billboard for 6 weeks. A big Brazilian youtuber - Felipe Neto (with 18M subscribers) stumbled across the song at random in one of his videos and was blown away, making the song very viral in Barzil.

Jordi and the Duo kept on releasing songs, again breaking the most radio plays in one day - the record now stand at 83, and a total of over 250 million views on youtube for their songs.

Jordi has won Israel's "Producer of the year" 2018, "Breathrough Award" 2017 with Static&BenEl, "Most requested Kareoke song 2017" for "Zahav" with Static&BenEl and Most Played song of 2018", also for the song "Zahav" by Static&BenEl

In 2018 Static & BenEl signed an international contract with Capitol Records, with Jordi's productions. Its the biggest contract ever singed by an Israeli artist. They are now working on their first International album.

Thanks to his huge success with Static&BenEl, Jordi is now working with the biggest artists in Israel, he is now a judge on "Israel's Got Talent" and had his own TV campaign, and is now a judge on "Israel's Got Talent".

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"MXXX is a MONSTER of a plugin that takes advantage of all of the Melda plugins power. With it, you can create super complex and unique audio signal paths for the most demanding sources."

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