MultiSampleGenerator is a cool tool available within MDrummer, which speeds up the conversion of acoustic drum/percussion sample recordings into the efficient multisample file format used within MDrummer.

You feed it a WAV track recorded from each microphone, it will cut it into separate samples, group those samples into velocity layers and compress them into our efficient multisample file format used within MDrummer.

The easiest way to start using it is to download our testing Ludwig Supraphonic snare tracks and use it via Menu / MultiSample generator in MDrummer.

Inside the ZIP archive you will find an entire folder structure with a definition.xml file and a folder of 6 tracks recorded from different mics. The definition.xml file applies to every folder of every level inside it and defines which tracks you have, what the default volume/panorama/parameter values are for each and the 4 mixes used by the XY (Multitrack Color) pad in MultiSampler.

You can have as many folders as you need if there are multiple articulations for example, or multiple drums with the same definition. In MultiSampleGenerator you simply locate the folder with the WAV recordings and follow the instructions.

The definition XML file

Let's consider the definition XML first:

  <track name="Top 1" pan="0.0" volume="1.0" mono="1" />
  <track name="Top 2" pan="0.0" volume="1.0" mono="1" />
  <track name="Bottom" pan="0.0" volume="1.0" mono="1" />
  <track name="Overhead 1" pan="0.0" volume="1.0" type="1" />
  <track name="Overhead 2" pan="0.0" volume="1.0" type="1" />
  <track name="Room" pan="0.0" volume="1.0" type="2" />

    volumeTop1="1.0" volumeTop2="0.0" volumeBottom="0.0"
    volumeOverhead1="0.0" volumeOverhead2="0.0" volumeRoom="0.0"

    volumeTop1="0.0" volumeTop2="1.0" volumeBottom="1.0"
    volumeOverhead1="0.0" volumeOverhead2="0.0" volumeRoom="0.0"

    volumeTop1="0.0" volumeTop2="0.0" volumeBottom="0.0"
    volumeOverhead1="1.0" volumeOverhead2="1.0" volumeRoom="0.0"

    volumeTop1="0.0" volumeTop2="0.0" volumeBottom="0.0"
    volumeOverhead1="0.0" volumeOverhead2="0.0" volumeRoom="1.0"