Plugin kernel technology

Plugins are normally separate units unable to communicate with each other. MeldaProduction Plugin Kernel technology (MPK) connects all of the plugins in a one huge brain allowing them to do much more than that. And the more MeldaProduction plugins you use, the bigger the improvement!

Plugin kernel

Smart resource sharing

Smart resource sharing lets the plugins optimize the amount of memory and CPU power needed from your computer. We measured almost 50% improvement in both areas on several practical projects!

Optimized for the newest processors

Modern processors are very smart, they can anticipate what is going to happen, perform multiple calculations in parallel even in a single core... But the software needs to let them use all these powerful features. MeldaProduction plugin kernel contains specific optimizations for the most modern processors such as AVX2 capable i7, i9 and Xeon. Processors also love the resource sharing and things are likely to get even better in the future with the increasing size of memory cache. And we used the most advanced tools and algorithms money can buy to ensure our software won't only be superb sounding and the most versatile on the market, but also extremely fast.

Uses GPU for graphics, so that your CPU can focus on audio

The GPU (graphics processor unit) is often overlooked by audio software and hardware designers. Although the GPU itself can rarely be used for actual audio calculations due to its realtime nature and need for minimum latency, visualisation is a huge part of professional audio software. Some things are just easier to spot by sight. That's why MeldaProduction plugins include GPU accelerated user interfaces, which let your GPU do the graphics work, while the CPU can spend its valuable time processing the actual audio.

Smaller than small... in both your memory and your hard drive

Thanks to MeldaProduction plugin kernel technology our individual plugins are extremely small, because the vast majority of the functionality is in the kernel. Hard drives may be cheap and store terabytes of data, but if you are using say 50 plugins at once, it may still be say 500MB on your hard drive, with 4 different plugin interfaces (VST, VST3, AU, AAX) you are at around 2GB. And all of this needs to be loaded into your computer's memory! With MeldaProduction plugins you wouldn't even reach 100MB!