Version 12

Version 12 is a huge technical upgrade, which contains a full reimplementation of the plugin kernel, providing higher performance and stability along with many new features. All plugins including MDrummer are now installed using a single installer application. MDrummer data library is now distributed using downloadable "MDrummerPack" files.

Important notes before you upgrade from V11 (or older)

  • Windows XP support has been removed and macOS is now supported from version 10.7. For sake of maximum performance and stability we decided to say good bye to these ancient operating systems. If you need them for some reason, please use the latest 11.09 version.
  • Version 12 uses a new optimized storage system, so please backup your projects. Version 12 is nearly perfectly backwards compatible, its storage format is different however, so that once you save your projects using version 12, it will not be possible open them correctly using older version. This is normal and expected, but it's important to know about this and we would highly recommend performing a backup of your projects before upgrading (unless you backup your projects daily, which is a generally recommended practice).
  • MDrummer now comes with a new improved data library containing many new & improved drumsets, rhythms and other resources. The new MDrummer should work well with the old data library, however it is still highly recommended to get the new library. If you created any resources yourself, please manually move them into the new locations. Sorry for the inconvenience. The new data library should be worth the effort, as it improves the sound and user experience considerably.
  • MDrummer standalone application has been discontinued. MDrummer featured a standalone application on Windows platform. For technical reasons we have removed it, for now. It's possible that we will add it in the future, but it is not planned for now since that is the job of DAW applications.
  • MDrummer Small has been discontinued. There was a free limited version of MDrummer, which has been removed for technical reasons. There is only one MDrummer now, THE MDrummer! Feel free to use the old MDrummer Small 7 available from the download archive though.
  • If you upgraded from version older than V11, notice the automation compatibility mode. Version 11 comes up with fully restructuralized automation parameter system, which should improve performance and compatibility with problematic hosts. If you have been using automation in your older projects, please go to Settings in any of the plugins and enable Automation compatibility mode for V10. Then restart your host and your projects should load without problems. For future's sake it is recommended to have this option disabled however.

How to install the new MDrummer data packs

If you don't have MDrummer installed yet, download the MDrummer data packs from the MDrummer pack download page. MDrummer will display an installation wizard when you open it for the first time, so just follow the instructions.

If you have MDrummer already instaled, then please move the existing data library away (rename it for example) just to make sure MDrummer won't find it. Then it will again show the installation wizard, so you can proceed the same way. Then you need to manually copy anything you have made yourself (if you have) into the new library. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Known backwards compatibility issues

Version 12 may not be fully backwards compatible with previous versions. The problems should be negligible and here is the list.

  • Harmonics feature in equalizers behaves differently in Linear mode and non-12 semitones, but it's a very rare situation, which shouldn't affect almost anyone.
  • MTurboCompMB and MWobblerMB have differently ordered automation parameters after the initial global multiparameters.
  • MDrummer automation parameters have been fully restructuralized. Please remap them manually in your DAW if you have used automation in MDrummer.