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In a scene divided between rail riders waiting for the heaviest drop and stage hoppers seeking out the most technical sounds, Los Angeles bass DJ/producer Kyle Hagberg (aka Kompany) rises above with one foot firmly planted on each side. A former sound designer for Cymatics, Hagberg delivers meticulously crafted basses packaged as festival music, creating a distinct dubstep style many have tried to emulate over the years.

Kompany has collaborated with bass music giants such as Excision, SLANDER, Subtronics and Sullivan King, and was once name dropped by ILLENIUM as one of his favorite heavy artists. Some of Kompany’s most recognized tracks are his anthemic collaborations with fellow briddim godfather Wooli, notably 2018’s “Thicc Boi.”

Last year’s Untouchable Tour marked Kompany’s first run of headline shows, with him performing at over 30 clubs and festivals across the United States and Canada, including a coveted main stage slot at Lost Lands. He has also recently taken his DJ sets worldwide, performing for crowds in Australia and New Zealand, along with sold out shows in Europe and China.

Kompany recommends



"I love MBassador because of how useful it is for bass music. When pushing sounds really hard the first thing that is destroyed is the sub, so adding back that beefy lowend with MBassador is super clutch for keeping that full mix."



"MSpectralDynamics is another huge one for making interesting zappy sounds which are my favorite for ear candy."


"Harmonic saturation has also been huge for pushing certain harmonics of the sub for my lower sub notes to make sure they have a nice mid range."

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