In the Republic of Kadebostany, we aim to create something new that doesn't exist . It's obvious that MeldaProduction is part of our arsenal!

Kadebostany is the project of producer/composer/president Kadebostan (also known as Guillaume Kadebostany) behind the hit singles “Castle in the Snow”, “Walking with a Ghost”, and the new version of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” used as the trailer soundtrack for the blockbuster 50 Shades of Grey.

President Kadebostan has summoned his new army under the “MONUMENTAL” banner to further push the boundaries of the Kadebostany brand and challenge once again the rules of pop culture. Kadebostany fortify their trademark singular pop aesthetics into something increasingly audacious and unpredictable, and just as broadly appealing.

A golden empire surrounded by infinite desert landscapes is where the pop conquerors majestically emerge from, fronted by new sovereign figures. Kadebostany will now reveal some of the best kept secrets of the Republic of Kadebostany, a new division of vocalists ready to lead the march to universal acclaim.

Following the success of “MONUMENTAL - Chapter I” released in June 2017 with the chart-selling single “Mind if I Stay”, Kadebostany now announces the release of their highly anticipated new album “MONUMENTAL”, to be released in March 2018.

Justin Raisen
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For me the best way to define Melda's plugins in one word would be infinite! I never knew so many things to be possible inside the box at high speed. Manipulating musical elements that are already there is my favorite thing to do. Leaning on Melda makes this easy. Favorite plugins? All of them!
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