Justin Raisen

Producer | Songwriter | Mixer & Artist

Justin Raisen
For me the best way to define Melda's plugins in one word would be infinite! I never knew so many things to be possible inside the box at high speed. Manipulating musical elements that are already there is my favorite thing to do. Leaning on Melda makes this easy. Favorite plugins? All of them!

Justin Raisen is an american producer / songwriter / mixer & artist known for his work with Charli XCX, Angel Olsen, binki, David Bowie, Joji, Viagra Boys, Empress Of, Kim Gordon, Sky Ferreira, Santigold, Sunflower Bean, John Cale, Trick Gum Kylie Minogue, and many more. 

Justin Raisen recommends



"Such a great tool in the mixing arsenal. Really nice to have individual saturation and tone controls for SUB frequencies in a single plugin. Love this thing on bass and kick drum!"


"The go-to if you wanna fu*k shit up!! Don't be afraid, just press some buttons and you've got something insane and amazing."



"This is probably the best rotary plugin out there. I'm 90% presets cause they're that good, but I do like that I can tweak the sounds if need be!"


"This thing is WILD! It can open so many different doors in your productions. Drums and percussion into MRhythmizer can completely change your entire approach... Probably my favorite Melda plug in right now!"



"I've never heard delays like this... Not your typical "emulation" type delay (you can definitely get those sounds if you want em)... Another great creative weapon to come up with some wild sounds."

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