Joe Acheson

Composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, music producer, radio producer/presenter.

Joe Acheson

Joe Acheson is a composer, musician, sound designer, music producer, and radio producer/presenter, mainly known for releasing and performing music as Hidden Orchestra, and currently based in Brighton, UK.

He has released three Hidden Orchestra albums on Tru Thoughts Recordings and Denovali Records, as well as many remixes, and a cult annual series of intricate studio mixtapes.

The Hidden Orchestra music is performed in all kinds of venues around the world by a live band featuring bass, electronics, piano, violin, two full drums kits, and regular instrumental guests and live visuals.

He’s also known for making music with found sounds - such as the 2016 release of “Marconi & The Lizard”, a commission from the National Trust, made entirely from sounds found at a historic radio hut built by pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, and the surrounding coastline on the most southerly point of the UK mainland.

Although fairly new to MeldaProduction, a number of their plugins have rapidly made themselves fixtures in his studio work - especially MDrumEnhancer - “amazing not just for defining acoustic drum sounds, but also for subtly shaping found sounds to fill percussive roles whilst still sounding natural and authentic”.

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For me the best way to define Melda's plugins in one word would be infinite! I never knew so many things to be possible inside the box at high speed. Manipulating musical elements that are already there is my favorite thing to do. Leaning on Melda makes this easy. Favorite plugins? All of them!
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