20 delay plugins in one

MSpectralDelay is extremely powerful, therefore also complex. So we have exploited its features and created 20 unique devices, each as versatile as a dedicated plugin. These make using the plugin easy even for complete beginners.

The power of spectral processing

Traditional delay plugins feature a simple feedback delay, which produces identical copies of the original signal, sometimes with a possibility of filtering, distortion or other basic effects. MSpectralDelay lets you transform individual frequencies. First, it lets you control the delay time, feedback, panorama and level (EQ) for each frequency. MSpectralDelay also provides complex spectral transformations - pitch, frequency shift, formants, plus an actual frequency to frequency transformation and level to level transformation.

MeldaProduction goodies

Isn't transforming pitch, formants, levels and more advanced stuff enough to satisfy your creative needs? It wouldn't be a Melda plugin without the signature modulators, multiparameters, channel modes, A-H presets, ABCD morphing and more!

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

"This is a deceivingly, insane sound-design plugin... At first, you're like "OK, cool... a delay", next minute, you're breaking new territory in the dubstep laser realm!"
Justin Raisen

Justin Raisen

"I've never heard delays like this... Not your typical "emulation" type delay (you can definitely get those sounds if you want em)... Another great creative weapon to come up with some wild sounds."

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