MAutopanMB, the most powerful automatic panner in the world, is the cure whenever you need to make some audio material more spatial and less static. It's an indispensable tool for keyboards, guitars and many other mono instruments.
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Video tutorial
Video tutorial
Multiband processing and crossovers
Multiband processing and crossovers

6 bands with custom shape

Unlike conventional autopanners, which let you process the whole signal only and provide just a few predefined oscillator shapes, MAutopanMB can split the signal into up to 6 bands and treat each one separately. When it comes to oscillator shapes the options are, let's say, very wide.

Modulation heaven

Looking for a little extra variation in your sound? Look no further than our extensive modulation options. Modulate any parameter from sources such as an LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, randomize, or pitch detector. Your sound will never be static again.

Many presets and active presets to get you started quickly

Most powerful tools have an overwhelming range of flexibility. Too many features can make it hard to know where to start. That's why we have created a dual interface for many of our plugins. Just a few knobs, and dozens of great presets to get you started. Once you are familiar with the plugin, switch to Edit mode, for the raw experience and total control.

Audio examples

  • Drumset
  • Pad
  • Subbass
  • Suitcase
  • Drumset (dry)
  • Drumset - Artifacts
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Drumset - Doughnut
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Drumset - Fluctuations
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Drumset - Tonality
    • WET
    • DRY

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