Meldaproductions plug-ins are unique and you can do so much creative stuff with it. Also for metering they have great tools. 

Raoul van Grinsven, otherwise known as Zany,

is the definition of a Hardstyle legend.

One of the original pioneers of the style, a member of the notorious Donkey Rollers, and an ever-present force pushing the genre through evolutionary trajectories

Zany was at the start and isn’t going anywhere.

Furthermore, Zany has two studio albums to his name, the genre defining ‘The Fusion of Sound’, and the more recent ‘Planet Zany’. For well over a decade, Zany has been performing at the top of the scene - he has played at every major Dutch festival multiple times, and at a host of massive international events. Why? Quite simply, a Zany performance is guaranteed to get the party going. A combination of on stage energy, a dj’s eye (or should that be ear?) for progression, and a classy mixing style has always been the foundation of his performing success and little has changed over the years.

Zany is still busy in the studio creating the next Fusion hit, and continues to perform week in week out across the Netherlands and beyond. Never one to be limited by restrictive categorisations, he now seeks to share his love for hardstyle in a more expansive manner. That is, with a freestyle sensibility. Hardstyle is, and always will be, about the party. It has the ability to excite, evoke euphoria, and cast bass faces upon every crowd, at every party. Approaching the genre with a freestyle mentality allows Zany to evolve the genre once again, reminding us all that Hardstyle is fun and diverse - these is no better man to spark this change.

Zany and et al. have recently launched their new platform named Innersound Mastering, where they provides a professional, online mixing and mastering service to prepare your tracks for release. They use the techniques, equipment, and well trained ears of their mixing and mastering engineers to get the sound you want. 

Zany recommends



"MMultiAnalyzer is on every mix I do. With a few clicks you can see anything that happens in your track."


"MAutoDynamicEq is really powerful in controlling certain frequencies and add that extra punch what you need in a mix."



"MAutoDynamicEq is really powerful in controlling certain frequencies and add that extra punch what you need in a mix."

Melda makes some really remarkable tools unmatched by anything else. Whenever there is some heavy tweaking to be done, they are among my first go-to's.
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I can't believe I was this late to the party. I remember buying a couple of plugins in the past, but lately I've been using Melda plugins more and more.