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I stumbled upon Melda ages ago when I checked some of their freeware plugins - and they just proved themselves incredibly handy. Melda makes some really remarkable tools unmatched by anything else. Whenever there is some heavy tweaking to be done, they are among my first go-to's.

TUA is a singer, producer and songwriter based in Berlin. Being a sought after producer and writer, as well as being member of "Die Orsons", he steadily piled up his catalogue.

From rap, where he started, to all sorts of electronic genres, 90ies rave quotes, field recordings and easter-european influences: His unique production style blends together a wide range of genres, always serving his emotional, personal, in times confronting songwriting.

TUA recommends



"This darling helps me so mutch, I use it to fatten acoustic basslines or to push classic drumbreaks to a more modern frequency range."


"Perfect for layers of harshness."


"Amazing thing to make percussive sounds have some more tune to them. Also fantastic if you want to make your field recorded kitchen equipment into some Hyperpop style drums."


"So easy and quick to handle that I find myself using it for sound design a lot, specially for early reflections and/or more extravagant tweaks."


"Saved me a lot of time tuning percussion or adding layers of weirdness."



"Such a great tool to thicken backing vocals or even simulate big choirs. Can lead to great, somewhat uncommon results when "mistreated" on signals one wouldn't expect to be multiplied."


"Love the unique vocoder aesthetics you can add to everything by just putting it into your chain without even vocoding. Also the "whitening"and "formant" shift functions give me subtle and unique options to tweak stuff."


"This one has surprised me and sparked ideas often when I was bored to death by some of my pad sounds."

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Meldaproductions plug-ins are unique and you can do so much creative stuff with it. Also for metering they have great tools.