Wobbling basses
MWobbler is a unique distorting filter originally designed to produce dubstep wobbling basses, but it turns out to be a great multipurpose filter for just about any audio material from rhythmic pads, rotary organs to drum-driven basses...
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MWobbler Quick Introduction
MWobbler Quick Introduction
Add life to pads with MWobbler
Add life to pads with MWobbler
Making plucks and pulses with MWobbler
Making plucks and pulses with MWobbler

A multiband version MWobblerMB is now included!

Filtering can be much more than what you know about filtering... Our multi-band system creates a whole new level of possibilities. From filtering bass differently than treble, to say filtering transients differently than tonal signal.

2 processors with distortion and 98 filters

While traditional filters have a single filter from the traditional set of filters (low-pass, high-pass, comb and a few more), MWobbler has 2 sets and each of them provides 98 impressive filter types (lp, hp, bp, br, eq, harmonics, scream, formant, comb, diffusion, polymorph...).

LFO and follower with side-chain

Of course you can use the marvellous modulators in the same way as you do with other MeldaProduction plugins, but MWobbler makes things much easier and better sounding using its integrated LFO and level follower, which you can use together at the same time. The level follower has also a fully adjustable equalizer, so you can tune it to any part of the spectrum and you can also use MWobbler's side-chain input to control the filter using completely different audio material.

Modulation heaven

Looking for a little extra variation in your sound? Look no further than our extensive modulation options. Modulate any parameter from sources such as an LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, randomize, or pitch detector. Your sound will never be static again.

Audio examples

  • Luhinecho (dubstep demo track)
  • Bass
  • Drumset
  • Lead solo
  • Organ
  • Pad choir
  • Luhinecho (dubstep demo track)
James Kelly

James Kelly

"MWobbler is a quick and easy tool for getting the bass sound that so many producers crave. But it's so much more: its filtering parameters give a mixer seemingly endless abilities to contour and enliven a signal."


"MWobbler turns Arps into living breathing creatures. Grimey enough too be felt but subtle enough to fit."


"This one has surprised me and sparked ideas often when I was bored to death by some of my pad sounds."

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