James Kelly

Musician | Composer | Producer | Mixer

James Kelly
"Unlike many other plugin manufacturers, MeldaProduction is embracing the next generation of engineers, mixers, producers, and artists. This forward-thinking approach is reflected in the design and build of their products: they allow the novice instant gratification through presets and the experienced producer unmatched control under the hood."

James Kelly is a musician, composer, producer, and mixer born in DC, raised in Pittsburgh, and now based in NYC. James was trained in recording and mixing by John King, one half of the Dust Brothers production duo (Beastie Boys, Beck, Rolling Stones, Santana), and shared in a 2012 Latin Grammy nomination for his engineering work on Kinky's album Sueño de la Máquina. Since then, James has undertaken a wide variety of audio projects, from engineering and producing audiobooks to scoring and mixing music for clients including Canon, Nestlé, Samsung, and Walgreens. He contributed to the score of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and is a former touring member of The Palms. In addition to his production work, James is also a singer-songwriter, having released his sophomore album, Sidewalk Hymns, in 2022. He is a proud member of the Recording Academy's Producers & Engineers wing.

James Kelly recommends


"MReverbMB is the reverb plugin I've been looking for. It's got plenty of mojo, but without the mud that many of its competitors bring along for the ride. It's clean without being sterile, exciting without being unwieldy, and flexible without being overwhelming. Polished off with great presets, MReverbMB is my go-to tool for bringing just the right space to my mix."


"MRhythmizer is a revelation: using its intuitive interface and myriad presets, I can bring instant excitement to an otherwise boring loop or passage. It's a great composition tool too. For example, a simple 808 pattern can be turned into a gyrating, pumping bassline with a blend of repitching, gating, and time effects. Just throw it on a track and see."


"MWobbler is a quick and easy tool for getting the bass sound that so many producers crave. But it's so much more: its filtering parameters give a mixer seemingly endless abilities to contour and enliven a signal."

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