The most versatile and musical sounding phaser
Phasers are commonly used on keyboards, guitars and other instruments to bring some movement and spatialization. MPhaserMB is an extremely versatile and musical-sounding phaser, which is perfect for all kinds of audio material.
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Video tutorial
Video tutorial
Multiband processing and crossovers
Multiband processing and crossovers

6 bands with custom shape and other advanced features

MPhaserMB provides way more than common phaser effects. Up to 100 filters, analogue-style saturation, custom oscillator shapes, synchronization, all of it in 6 distinct frequency bands. More than you will ever need even if you decide to be really creative. And all of it sounds just perfect.

Modulation heaven

Looking for a little extra variation in your sound? Look no further than our extensive modulation options. Modulate any parameter from sources such as an LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, randomize, or pitch detector. Your sound will never be static again.

MeldaProduction goodies

You will also have the standard MeldaProduction goodies: 16x upsampling, M/S, surround support as well as other channel modes, A-H presets for easy comparisons, and our easy to use integrated help system.

Audio examples

  • Electric guitar
  • Organ
  • Suitcase
  • Wurli
  • Electric guitar (dry)
  • Electric guitar - 2 bands
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Electric guitar - Basic
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Electric guitar - Frog
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Electric guitar - Moving
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Electric guitar - Mysterious
    • WET
    • DRY

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