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DreamMachines is a huge collection of drum machine samples for MDrummer. Any electronic genre producer cannot live without it.

FREE for MDrummer users.

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Dream Machines - Quick Introduction
Dream Machines - Quick Introduction
Install and activate
Install and activate

The Library

Almost 500 samples, including over 100 kicks and over 150 snares, rims and claps. The library also includes hats, cymbals, toms and various percussion. Over 100 presets total for both MDrummer and the MSoundFactory instrument to get you started with an almost unlimited number of sample combinations to fuel your creations.

Dream Machines is a drum sample pack that can be used in MDrummer and the dedicated "Dream Machines" MSoundFactory instrument. The sounds have been sampled from a wide range of drum machines and analogue synthesizers, including vintage classics, modern FM and hybrid synth/samplers. 

Who is it for?

Drum machines are used in a wide range of genres, particularly electronic music. Dream Machines contains an eclectic range of samples. Therefore, it can turn its hand to almost any music type, from vintage to modern. It especially excels at 80s synthpop, Hip Hop and EDM.

... not just for MDrummer

You can also get DreamMachines as an instrument for MSoundFactory with many interesting features...

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