Mike Gonsolin

Founder / CEO / Head Producer & Engineer of Trend Def Studios®

Mike Gonsolin
You’ll be hard pressed to find a music production tool that does not reside within the vast arsenal that is Melda plugins. A more comprehensive bundle of both mixing and production plugins simply does not exist.

Mike Gonsolin aka Mike G is a record producer, musician, singer, songwriter, and accomplished mixing engineer from the Bay Area, CA who was an integral figure in bringing today’s new wave of hip hop into mainstream popularity. The multi-instrumentalist began his career in music as a young teen writing and recording songs in his hard rock band. 

With his passion for songwriting moving light years faster than his ability to afford studio time, he soon assembled his own studio at an early age where he expanded his musical palette into hip hop production and beat making. 

After moving to Los Angeles in 2010 he quickly found himself songwriting and producing amongst all genres for many of today’s major artists like Snoop Dogg, Playboi Carti, The Migos, and T-Pain, in addition to high profile producers, and even motion pictures. It wasn’t long before his name was well recognized across the industry. 

After befriending up and coming rappers Sad Frosty in 2018 and Quadeca in 2019, the trio soon co-created and released their own hip hop YouTube series “Viral In 24” that went on to become a viral sensation. 

While he enjoyed the success of being one of the more prominent names in hip hop production, his friend Sad Frosty consistently encouraged him to double down on his career and start releasing his own records.

In 2022 when his dear friend Sad Frosty passed away it served as a turning point and he decided he wasn’t going to wait another day before seeing that dream come to fruition. 

And in 2023 he released his long awaited debut single “Girls Gone Wild” with Offset and G-Eazy. 

While primarily known as a hip hop producer, he brings his own unique style of production with records that deliver the energy of rock music coupled with the unforgettable catchiness of pop music, yet still hitting the mark for hip hop in all the right ways. 

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"There’s no shortage of dynamic EQs on the market, but MAutoDyanicEq just hits harder than them all."



"MTurboReverb and MTurboDelay are a mixing engineer’s equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. 40 delays and 100 reverbs to sift through!"



"MMultiAnalyzer has a permanent residency on my master bus. Love the collisions feature!"


"MRhythmizer has all the sauce of Grossbeat, with none of the FL Studio confinements."



"If there’s another doubler plug-in that does what MUnison does, I’ve yet to find it. "



"MTurboReverb and MTurboDelay are a mixing engineer’s equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. 40 delays and 100 reverbs to sift through!"



"If you’re not able to bring magic to your tracks with MXXX, you’re in the wrong business."

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Mix engineer/producer based in London.
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I use a lot of Melda Plugins, and this is not advertisement as I bought them for the full price. I must say, all of them are of the highest quality, but there are a few magical plugins that I can neither replace nor live without.
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