Which processors does MXXXCore include?

MXXX includes almost all of the MeldaProduction processors, but it may also be a little expensive for non-professionals.

MXXXCore is a special licence, which includes only the basic building blocks. You will use MXXX as if you had the full licence, but not all processors will be available. Click on the image above to see what MXXXCore contains by default.

How to get the remaining processors into MXXXCore

MXXXCore of course includes all of the modules that MXXX does, but you will need a licence to activate them. For example, if you own MSpectralDynamics (or any bundle which contains that plugin) then it will be enabled in MXXXCore as well. MXXXCore will not allow you to insert a processor that you don't own nor open a preset that uses that processor, and it will tell you what you would need to purchase in order to get it.

The following table shows which licences you need to get any of the modules working in MXXX with the MXXXCore licence. Of course you can also choose any bundle that contains the required plugin.

Category Processor to unlock Products that would unlock it
Modulation Autopan MAutopanMB
Chorus MChorusMB
Flanger MFlangerMB
Phaser MPhaserMB
Rotary MRotary
Tremolo MTremoloMB
VintageRotary MVintageRotary
Spectral Bassador MBassador
Character MCharacter
FrequencyShifter MFreqShifterMB
Harmonizer MHarmonizerMB
Morph MMorph
PolySaturator MPolySaturator
RingModulator MRingModulatorMB
Transformer MTransformer
Unison MUnison
Vibrato MVibratoMB
Vocoder MVocoder
Equalizers Comb MCombMB
DynamicEqualizer MAutoDynamicEq, MDynamicEq
FreeformEqualizer MFreeformEqualizer
FreeformEnalogEq MFreeformAnalogEq
Equalizer MAutoEqualizer, MAutoDynamicEq, MDynamicEq, MFilter
EqualizerLP MAutoEqualizer, MEqualizerLP
TurboEQ MTurboEQ
Wobbler MWobbler
Utility AutoAlign MAutoAlign
Compare MCompare
MultiAnalyzer MMultiAnalyzer
Category Processor to unlock Products that would unlock it
Dynamics AutoVolume MAutoVolume
DrumEnhancer MDrumEnhancer
DrumLeveler MDrumLeveler
Dynamics MDynamics, MDynamicsMB
Limiter MLimiterX, MLimiterMB
ModernCompressor MModernCompressor
Phatik MPhatik
SpectralDynamics MSpectralDynamics
Transient MTransient, MTransientMB
TurboComp MTurboComp
Reverb & delay Convolution MConvolutionMB
Delay MDelayMB
Granular MGranularMB
Reverb MReverb, MReverbMB
Rhythmizer MRhythmizer, MRhythmizerMB
SpectralDelay MSpectralDelay
TurboDelay MTurboDelay
TurboReverb MTurboReverb, MTurboReverbLE
Stereo StereoGenerator MStereoGenerator
StereoSpread MStereoSpread
StereoProcessor MStereoProcessor
Distortion Amp MAmp
BitFun MBitFunMB
Distortion MDistortionMB
Saturator MSaturatorMB
WaveShaper MWaveShaperMB
Synthesis MDrummer MDrummer
PowerSynth MPowerSynth
SoundFactory MSoundFactory

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