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Melda plugins have been the secret sauce for me ever since Curt of Flosstradamus showed me MSpectralDyanmics in 2016. Every time I use MBassador to fatten up a bass line people in the room get stoked! Also MGranularMB makes making soundscapes way too easy.

From Interning for Flosstradamus at the age of 18 to touring the world as a Producer DJ, Aryay has worked hard to get where he is. Currently signed with Mad Decent Publishing, Aryay is probably working on some of your favorite songs that you haven't heard yet!

Aryay recommends



"MRotary is my go to plugin to immediately get that Leslie sound. The default preset literally puts any sound in the rotary space right away. I really like to use it on guitars"



"After switching from FL Studio to Ableton years ago i was scared i wouldn't be able to recrate the gross beat effect. MRythmizerMB has so many unique features like gross beat; but i feel like its easier to navigate and get those quick reverse slow down stretches/tape stops. I also use this plugin a lot on midi, it can totally change the sound you are listening to and reinspire a whole new idea within seconds. "



"This one is so rad. The "creative" spaces sound so cool on vocal chops, especially once you start playing with the early/late reflections knobs."



"MXXX is a crazy multi effects tool. I mostly sift through the presets until i find some sort of sound mangling preset, and i always find a cool one within a few clicks"

Antonio Escobar
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Melda plugins are so good and so deep that I’m enjoying very much using them and discovering new applications every day. I do use a bunch of them in every song that I’ve produced of mixed since I the first day I tried them. Even the free package is so great that it's an instant must-have.
The plugins from Melda became essential in my productions since I found out about them."