Antonio Escobar

Music Producer & Composer | Mix Engineer

Antonio Escobar
Melda plugins are so good and so deep that I’m enjoying very much using them and discovering new applications every day. I do use a bunch of them in every song that I’ve produced of mixed since I the first day I tried them. Even the free package is so great that it's an instant must-have.

Antonio Escobar is a Spanish-born producer, composer, and mixer for albums and music for the film and advertising industries. He started his career in the early 90’s and, now, 25 years later, Antonio has earned an impressive collection of awards and nominations from international festivals such as Oscar Awards, Bafta, Cannes, Premios Goya or the New York Film Festival. His name can be found in the music credits of more than thirty movies (Klaus, Toc-Toc) and TV series (El Cid, Santiago Of The Seas), hundreds of commercials for big brands (Ford, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Carlsberg, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Mini, Larios, Sony PlayStation) and songs with artists such as John Legend, Zara Larsson, David Bisbal, Dan Croll, Jorge Pardo, Carlos Rivera, Vanesa Martín, among others.

Some of Antonio’s outstanding abilities are an imaginative approach to production, attention to detail, the capacity to work with any kind of musical style and staying connected with the latest audio production trends.

Antonio Escobar recommends



"MTurboComp is now my go to plugin for its characterful analog style compression! It's really good sounding plugin and the new 15 skin helps a lot!"



"I wanted something to have a VERY clean in front vocals and I found this tool as my first in the chain go-to plugin to level vocals. I’ve tried different solutions and I found that MAutoVolume is the perfect tool for that task. Sometimes I don’t even use any other compressor after it. "



"MTurboEq is now my other go to plugin for its characterful analog style EQing! It's really good EQ and the new 15 skin is not just look cool, but helps a lot!"



"Beside it’s a great DynamicEQ, the resonance finder tools it’s just awesome."



"I know it’s free and I know it’s simple, but I have like 50 instance of this plugin in every project. I use to do volume automations without touching my DAW fader."

Andréas Pfannenstill
← Andréas Pfannenstill
The Melda plugins is my all time favorite toolbox. I keep on finding new favorite plugins everyday. Some I use in every session is MAutovolume, Mharmonizer, MRythmizer, MMultianalyzer , MAutopan.  I always stay inspired with this stuff. 
Aryay →
Melda plugins have been the secret sauce for me ever since Curt of Flosstradamus showed me MSpectralDyanmics in 2016. Every time I use MBassador to fatten up a bass line people in the room get stoked! Also MGranularMB makes making soundscapes way too easy.