Andréas Pfannenstill

Music Producer | Songwriter | Mix Engineer

Andréas Pfannenstill
The Melda plugins is my all time favorite toolbox. I keep on finding new favorite plugins everyday. Some I use in every session is MAutovolume, Mharmonizer, MRythmizer, MMultianalyzer , MAutopan.  I always stay inspired with this stuff. 

Andréas Pfannenstill pursued a career in music at the age of 16 when he landed a placement with Max B, Jim Jones, Stack Bundles and Mel Murda on the song “New York minute” for a Dj Kayslay mixtape. He made his first $1000 and realized that he could actually make a living from music. 

A few years later he ended up in London and started collaborating with local rapper Lyracis. The song ”Speakerphone”, released independently with a low budget video, went viral on Youtube within the first weekend of it’s release, sparking a lot of hype within the industry which led to many new opportunities for the producer. 

Andréas left Gothenburg for Los Angeles when he got hired by Skype to produce an album for a new label they had started together with Universal Music. In Los Angeles he linked up with producer/manager David Jost. Together they started to make records for Tokio Hotel, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale to name a few. 

Eager to push the boundaries, he felt the work he had been doing was too generic and obvious. Growing up with a free and creative approach to music led him to more alternative acts such as Elliphant. He sent her six tracks and didn’t hear back from her for six months. All of the sudden six rough demos dropped in from the artist and they where all super cool ideas. The producer jumped on a flight to Los Angeles the day after. 

Andréas later did a joint venture deal with M&W/Kobolt and moved back to Stockholm. During his first weekend he had a session with the singer from the indie rock group Shout Out Louds. They made a song called “Sayonara”, which DJ-duo Rebecca & Fiona recorded. The song led to a major deal with RCA in the US and Andréas has since then worked with artists like Major Lazer, Cee Lo Green, Gwen Stefani, Mont Duamel, Redfused, Erik Hassle, Gym Class Heroes, Travie Mccoy,Tei Shi and Sean Paul.

Currently, Andréas is working on a couple of his own developed projects called Innocent and Still Andy. Both projects are set to be released 2021.

Andrea De Paoli
← Andrea De Paoli
Melda plug-ins are unique in the market. Extreme quality and sound without compromises that helps me a lot in the creative and music production processes.
Antonio Escobar →
Melda plugins are so good and so deep that I’m enjoying very much using them and discovering new applications every day. I do use a bunch of them in every song that I’ve produced of mixed since I the first day I tried them. Even the free package is so great that it's an instant must-have.
Antonio Escobar