Andrea De Paoli

Composer | Keyboardist | Songwriter | Music Engineer & Producer

Andrea De Paoli
Melda plug-ins are unique in the market. Extreme quality and sound without compromises that helps me a lot in the creative and music production processes.

Andrea De Paoli was born in Savona on March the 13th, 1976. He is a composer, keyboardist, songwriter and music engineer/producer. Primarily known for his studio and live activity with Known metal bands like Labyrinth, Vision Divine and as producer / keyboardist and composer of the musical project of progressive Space rock named Chaos Venture. In 2013 he joined also as session man Delirium a historic Italian progressive rock band known mostly for songs such Jesahel that sold 10 millions of copies and Dolce Acqua.

He has perfromed in several world tours as co headliner, opening act or co-touring Hard rock and metal bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theater Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Megadeth, Metallica, Motorhead, Pantera, Korn, Ozzy Osbourne, Yngwie Malmsteen, Helloween, Queensryche and many others. Andrea works in his own recording studio and Live with the great Drummer and Percussionist Tony Liotta, recording keyboards and percussions for several Italian and international artists. With Chaos Venture Andrea De Paoli works with Egproduction tours agency that has in his rooster Alan Parsons, Bobby Kimball, Skid Row, Spyro Gira, Marky Ramones, Steve Hackett, Gavin Harrison and many others. He also perform with Rezophonic as guest together with members of Lacuna Coil, Mario Riso, Club Dogo, Caparezza, Negrita, Litfiba, Gianluca Grignani and many others.

As a keyboardist, arranger, producer, composer or technical consultant he has worked in more than 250 musical productions/albums (among others with Kevin Moore, Richard Barbieri, Mark Zonder, Timothy Drury, Alex De Rosso, Marco Del Freo, Dominika Zamara soprano, Zak Stevens, Tony Liotta, Sandro Giacobbe, Guido Maria Ferilli, Luca Virago Vivaldi metal project with Rick Wakeman and Mistheria and many others, Knagui, Franco Di Donato, Frank Caruso, Loris Lombardo and many others).

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The Melda plugins is my all time favorite toolbox. I keep on finding new favorite plugins everyday. Some I use in every session is MAutovolume, Mharmonizer, MRythmizer, MMultianalyzer , MAutopan.  I always stay inspired with this stuff. 
Andréas Pfannenstill