Turn up the drive and make your music sound better!
Add this to a track, turn up the drive and make your music sound better! Yes, that's right, this is MLimiterMB, the ultimate multiband limiter and maximizer!
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Video tutorial
Video tutorial
Multiband processing and crossovers
Multiband processing and crossovers

Louder and better may really mean the same thing

Making your music louder is just not good enough for modern styles. MLimiterMB not only provides unbelievable loudness levels, it also balances the spectrum and adds character, all of which contribute to an overall increase in sound quality.

Ultra powerful workhorse covered by an easy-to-use interface

Check the edit screen to see what's inside this beast, or don't and just enjoy our fine-tuned audio weapon's simple 4-knob interface.

Superb saturation algorithms

MLimiterMB features our magnificent saturation system, which can give a pleasant analogue character to your music and maximize loudness.

Advanced feature set

If more control is your aim, or you want to get a little more creative, you will enjoy the more advanced features of MLimiterMB - psycho-acoustic pre-filtering, custom attack and release shapes, spectral smoothing and much more.

Scott Yahney

Scott Yahney

"MMultiBandLimiter is one of the best sounding, most versatile, easiest to use limiter maximizer on the market today. A must have in any producers, musicians toolbox. 5 STARS!!!"
Niko Lyras

Niko Lyras

"In the industry’s brave new world, I master my own mixes more often than not. To that end, multiband limiter is a favorite secret weapon, especially when it comes to hard hitting content. It allows me to increase loudness by flattening the spectrum without any noticeable distortion."

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