MTurboDelay changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

12.12 changes

  • Added DoubleTracker (including MXXX).
  • Multiparameter and Modulator editors are now storing the position & size in a single settings, before these were stored for separate MPs and Mods, which has proven not ideal.
  • Modulator editors now take size based on selected mode, making it smaller and readjusting when the mode changes.
  • Controller selection in MIDI settings is now accessible via multiparameters.
  • Additional optimizations for algorithms based on variable delay lines such as flanger, chorus, comb...
  • Double-clicking a multiparameter in manager now displays its settings and changing the settings updates the info in the manager.
  • Improved MIDI settings.
  • Fix: Modulators with enabled MIDI reset and Single shot would initially go one round without any MIDI notes.
  • Fix: Selecting multiple graph points and dragging a different one didn't clear the selection and it didn't update the points being moved.
  • Fix: MultiParameter manager was displaying incorrect names after reordering.
  • Fix: Plugins didn't save disabled MIDI controllers, despite they could be enabled via MPs later.

12.11 changes

  • Added MRatioMB plugin, our first free multiband plugin.
  • High-quality upsampling switch has been moved directly to the upsampling settings window.
  • Added many "bread & butter" presets to MTurboDelay.
  • Added Liquid time device to MTurboDelay, featuring reverse delays and other creative effects.
  • Added Copy & Paste levels feature to MCharacter allowing to impose a harmonic structure of one instrument to another.
  • Multiparameter reorder transformed to a manager with some advanced capabilities.
  • Improved behaviour of multiselection listboxes.
  • Fix: There were a few glitches in MTurboDelay.
  • Fix: MTurboDelay was behaving weird inside MXXX and other plugins.
  • Fix: Crash could occur in Convolution if pitch shifting / time stretching was used.
  • Fix: Device parameter didn't report current device name to the DAW in plugins with easy screens.
  • Fix: Bars on the easy screen would not update if the last one only would be modulated.

12.10 changes

  • File lists are now sorted smartly and keep the order of ascending numbers.
  • All expression evaluators optimized.
  • Improved unit display for XY pads.
  • Fix: Some devices in MTurboDelay were malfunctioning.
  • Fix: Copying MTurboDelay to MXXX would freeze.
  • Fix: Recording an IR using MConvolutionMB would store the file, but wouldn't show it in the file list.
  • Fix: MTurboDelay could produce noise in MXXXCore even if licenced.

12.09 changes

  • Clicking on a band in equalizers while having EQ band settings displayed now switches the band settings to that band.
  • Disabled mutliparameters now stop working completely, not only GUI-wise.
  • Fix: Dynamics processors in logarithmic mode could produce high spikes in some specific circumstance.
  • Fix: Ctrl+Alt+Dragging didn't work in graph editors, which are not zoomable in both directions (time graphs for example).
  • Fix: MultiParameters in "Check-boxes horizontal below" didn't disable the checkbox labels when the MP was disabled.
  • Fix: Tabs displayed as popups might not have a title.
  • Fix: Super-resolution analysis mode might have theoretically cause crashes (no cases have been reported though).
  • Fix: Randomizer multiparameters might have not worked.