The key to every dynamic process
Compressors, expanders, gates. Indispensable tools in modern production. MDynamics gives you everything you could wish for: amazing sound, an easy-to-use interface, versatility beyond your imagination.
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MDynamics Quick Introduction
MDynamics Quick Introduction
Video tutorial
Video tutorial
Spectral volume balancing using MDynamicsMB
Spectral volume balancing using MDynamicsMB

All-in-one solution

MDynamics can do it all. It can be a compressor, expander, gate, or any combination of those, and you can even draw your own processing shape for more creative effects. Add in integrated parallel compression, adjustable channel linking, up to 8 channel surround processing and MDynamics becomes the ultimate tool for single-band dynamics.

Ultra-flexible level follower

MDynamics can adapt to any audio material thanks to its extremely versatile envelope follower featuring automatic release modes, peak hold, RMS length, look-ahead, psycho-acoustic pre-filtering, custom attack and release shapes, spectral smoothing plus much more.

Extremely versatile side-chain

MDynamics can not only follow the input level, it can also filter it or even use any other signal from the side-chain. For filtering you can have a simple band-pass or even a fully-featured 6-band equalizer.

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